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I am Dragos Apostol and for more than 10 years, together with my partner Hermann Wieser, I am building a consultancy business for accessing European funds. Despite the shortcomings and bureaucracy of the public system in Romania we have shown alongside my dynamic professional consultants’ team that it can be done with European funds.

As a proof, in all these years Wieser Consult Romania has provided consulting services for the implementation of hundreds of investment projects with European financing, projects whose value exceeded EUR 300 million.

The secret of our success consists in promoting and sustaining healthy business development principles, but also in the seriousness and responsibility of the activity that we perform. We’ve always wanted for our beneficiaries thinks to be faster but not in haste, much more but sustainable, more optimistic but also very realistic.

Once again I want to thank to our beneficiaries and partners for their trust in our company and congratulate them for their courage and determination to build more and better.

For the future I kindly invite you to join the club of successful companies that have accessed European funds together with us.

Yours sincerely,
Dragos Apostol

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