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Technical assistance and training

WIESER CONSULT is a young and dynamic team of professionals with extensive experience, especially in European funding, national and international programs, combined with adequate technical expertise.



WIESER CONSULT has provided consulting for identification and definition of small farms nationwide within the “Completion of EU financial support for the restructuring of agriculture in Romania” (CESAR), comprehensive study in order to define the concepts of “small farms” and “family farms”. These concepts have been integrated in the National Program for Rural Development 2014-2020 and are the base for the measures of support for these types of farms.

The main objective of the elaborated study within the project was to identify and define small farms on national level, depending on local specificities and to determine the optimal size of profitability for such farms.

The study also shows opportunity conditions for transition to family farms taking into account the profitability of agricultural activities that will ensure the transfer to the middle class in agriculture, socio-economic issues and the role of small farms in Romania’s agriculture and rural development.

The study shows the following main chapters:

  • Global economic context in which small and family farms operates
  • Analysis of the impact of support for semi-subsistence farms in 2007-2013
  • Socio-economic issues and the role of small farms in agriculture and rural development in Romania
  • Participation on domestic markets of the small farms, respectively stimulation of the participation in the market versus obstacles.
  • Comparison of small farms in Romania, Austria and Poland
  • Economic and financial development model of small and family farms



WIESER CONSULT was selected by an important Romanian bank to provide training in seminars, addressed to bank customers, focused on business development opportunities based on given opportunities from funding schemes of EU funds and in relation to market and quality constraints. There were organized a total of six training sessions attended by between 50 and 70 people.


WIESER CONSULT is authorized by the National Council for Adult Vocational Training for organizing courses and training programs for occupation “Consultant in agribusiness”. To support this activity, WIESER CONSULT has a total of three own trainers, with specific needed skills to various themes within the training program.



WIESER CONSULT team participate actively and continuously as organizers, experts or moderators to different conferences and thematic seminars in agribusiness or in other informative events, organized by the Austrian Embassy Commercial Section, the national and international branch Chambers of Commerce, interprofessional organizations (OIPA) and the National Network for Rural Development and Ministry of Agriculture.

The last engagement with OIPA Vegetables – Fruit was at Romanian Orchards Congress – Poiana Brasov – organizing and developing fruit growing sector in Romania.



WIESER CONSULT with OIPA Vegetables – Fruits and Rapid Transfer organizes and implements a Portal for promoting Romanian horticulture. The portal aims to continuous inform farmers in the technical, financial, fiscal, legislative and dedicated European funds. Also, through the portal, farmers will be able to make public their offer of fruits / vegetables and mushrooms for marketing in favourable conditions.

WIESER CONSULT with OIPA Vegetables – Fruits and research institutes in the sector from Romania organizes working groups in order to stimulate the creation and development of innovative solutions for vegetable crops in protected spaces, revival of Romanian quality genetics and integration of production in short supply chains.

WIESER CONSULT with Agropower Green Energy promotes innovative projects for the use of agricultural biomass residues into heat and power production at farm level, in order to optimize production activity.

WIESER CONSULT with ACRAFE actively participates in the preparation and / or amendment of the National Program for Agriculture and Rural Development.

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